From “No” to “Yes”

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and begin the real work!

Since the release of the Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study in February 2014, Raise The Balloon  Committee members and over 920 neighborhood volunteers have been in the process of ensuring a reasonable and equitable process takes place in the planning of our community. We’ve met our goal with two large community victories, the city planners have agreed to maintain the 30 foot height limit and begin the planning process over with a “clean slate” regarding land use and the proposed number of new living units to be allowed to be built in our community.  We are now engaged in building the new Bay Park Boardwalk and finalizing the Morena Specific Plan. The community’s finalized vision for the Bay Park Boardwalk will be presented to the City’s current Ad Hoc Subcommittee and the Clairemont Community Planning Group in late fall of 2015 or early 2016.  Eventually it will be presented to the San Diego City Council for final approval.
We are redirecting all site visitors to Build Bay Park, but this site will remain as an informational hub for the AD HOC Subcommittee meetings and as a testimony to the history of all of you who have worked hard to maintain our 30ft height limit and control the number of new housing projected for our communites.


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Next AD HOC Subcommittee meeting will be on Nov 2, 2015 at St. David’s Episcopal Church :5050 Milton 6-8pm


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